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The latest hour of power, featuring some Squeeze rarities there at the top (but not “There at the Top”)

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There are nine requisites for contented living:

HEALTH enough to make work a pleasure; WEALTH enough to support your needs; STRENGTH enough to battle with difficulties and forsake them; GRACE enough to confess your sins and overcome them; PATIENCE enough to toil until some good is accomplished; CHARITY enough to see some good in your neighbor; LOVE enough to move you to be useful and helpful to others; FAITH enough to make real the things of God; HOPE enough to remove all anxious fears concerning the future.

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Goethe on the good life.

Pair with Tolstoy’s Calendar of Wisdom.

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This is the power of a great educator or mentor: The legendary Milton Glaser – creator of the iconic I♥NY logo, co-founder of New York Magazine, considered by many the greatest graphic designer alive – tells this stirring story of “how twenty seconds can change your life”

When I was in junior high school, I had the opportunity to take the entrance examination to either Bronx Science, which is a great New York school, or the High School of Music and Art, another great school. … And I had a science teacher who was very encouraging for me to enter into science — I was very good at science — and he wanted me to go to Bronx Science. And I was evasive about that, because I didn’t want to tell him that it ain’t gonna happen.

But the day of the entrance exam — they occurred on the same day — I took the entrance examination to the High School of Music and Art. And the next day I came into school, he was in the hallway as I was walking down, and he said, “I want to talk to you.” I said, “Uh-oh — the jig is up, he’s going to find out I took the ‘wrong’ exam.” He said, “Come to my office… Sit down.” And, as I was sitting there, he said, “I hear you took the exam for Music and Art.” And I said, “Um, yes.” And then he reached over, and he reached into his desk, and he pulled out a box of French Conté crayons — a fancy, expensive box — and he gave it to me, and he said, “Do good work.”

I can’t tell that story without crying, because it was such a profound example of somebody — an adult, authority figure, sophisticated man — who was willing to put aside his own desire for something, his own direction for my life, and recognize me as a person who had made a decision. And he was, instead of simply acknowledging it, encouraging it with this incredibly gracious and generous gift. … The thing about it that always astonishes you is that moment — it couldn’t have taken more than two minutes — was totally transformative about my view of life, my view of others, my view of education, my view of acknowledging the other.

Send this to every educator or mentor you know, and think of what would be possible if we were all capable of such self-transcendence for the sake of elevating another’s potential. 

Watch the interview, superb in its entirety, here.

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For the late great J.J. Cale

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My comic; “Introversion” is finished! Please go to the main page of my blog to read it in full size (the text is kinda small)

I really hope you’ll like it!


Throw your hands in the air like your behavior is weirdly over-influenced by song lyrics!!


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Fresh-baked Friday goodness

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Don Henley Who Owns This Place (by Carlos Marron)   Very 80’s production, but a solid tune that’s stuck in my head for over 25 years.

Poker Is America →

Poker dealers and players can give lessons to the rest of the country about making the melting pot work.

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And in Last Week’s Gun News ... →

A small sampling of news articles from around the country gives a sense of the Second Amendment’s toll.

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Benjamin Franklin’s famous list of thirteen virtues, as it appears in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin wrote the list in 1726, at the age of 20.

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